Friday, October 18, 2013

Dark and Light

Dark and Light

Flowers sway gracefully in the breeze
            Harsh winds howl
As sunshine settles softly on the meadow
            And crackling leaves join in the tortured cries
A splash of white flits among the sanguine blossoms
            A shadow crashes through the forest
Twirling elegantly through the grass
            Leaving destruction in his path
The dancer's dress moves delicately with the wind
            Darkness is his identity
Her hair blows softly about her face
            Trailing behind him as he travels
Bright blue eyes peer from her young visage
            Fire rages in his eyes
As a dainty smile plays at the corners of her mouth
            A grimace frozen on his face
She pours joy and passion into her dance
Performing for her quiet audience of flowers
            He stalks his prey fervently
            And intends to eliminate the light

~Lauren Leising

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